GENERAL CONDITIONS - NVK Ceramics Triennial 2021

The Dutch Association of Ceramists (NVK) will organise the Ceramics Triennial 2021. For this competition there is NO theme, but you have to send in recent works (2019, 2020). Alongside the exhibition of selected works, from March till June 2021 at CODA Museum Apeldoorn (NL), several related events will take place.

General Conditions for Participation

  1. Participation is open to ceramists or artists working with clay from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.
  2. Work that is submitted can consist of one or several parts and should be recent work (2019, 2020). There are no restrictions concerning sizes length and breadth, height maximum three meters.
  3. There are three awards of 1000 euro each connected to the triennial. These are stipends for the development of the profession. The winners are expected to write a report within one year concerning the spending of the award. One of the stipends is intended for a ceramicist/artist aged 35 or younger. 
  4. Application fee is € 35,- (members of the NVK € 25,-). You don’t get back the amount, also when you are not selected.

Conditions for selection

  1. Selection materials.
  2. A completed application form. This can be downloaded from the website
  3. A maximum 125 words text explaining the work.
  4. A maximum of two digitally rendered photographs of the piece of work from different perspectives. JPG or TIFF with a minimum of 300 dpi per photograph and a minimum size of 10 x 15 cm.
  5. Work and photographs should be copyright free.
  6. Deadline for application: September 30rd 2020
  7. Sending of material (digital photographs and forms) by email.

For the address see application form.


  1. The selection of works by a jury of four ceramic experts, will take place in October 2020.
  2. The selection will happen anonimously. An independant director will lead the selection proces but have no say in the actual selection.
  3. Subscribers will get a confirmation by mail of their selection. Correspondence about the selection is not possible. Information concerning delivering the work to CODA Museum will be in the same confirmation mail.

Submission of the works

  1. The artist is fully responsible for their work(s) during transport and should take out their own insurance if needed.
  2. The artist is fully responsible for the costs of bringing the work(s) in CODA Museum Apeldoorn.
  3. The complete list of participants will be posted on the website and on the website

During the Exhibition

  1. During the exhibition the work will be insured by CODA Museum Apeldoorn.
  2. To insure the correct information for insurance, sales, promotion etc, the selected artist will be required to send all the correct information to CODA Museum. They will receive a form for this purpose by November 1st, which needs to be sent in within a week.
  3. With the exhibition a catalogue will be printed by the NVK. For this catalogue the information from the subscription forms will be used.

Return of works

After the end of the exhibition there will be two days during which the works can be collected. Particpating artists will be fully responsible for collecting their works. Transportation costs or holding costs will be reclaimed from the artist concerned.


  1. Digital material submitted for this triennale will not be returned.
  2. Reclamation of (parts of) the work during the exhibition will not be allowed.
  3. NVK board member can participate in the exhibition, but are excluded from winning an award.